Monoxide: Scale out Blockchains with Asynchronous Consensus Zones.
从内容上看,这篇文章提出了最终原子性(eventual atomicity)来保证分片后跨区交易的原子性,提出了连弩挖矿机制(Chu-ko-nu mining)来加强保分片后区块链系统的安全,这些观点很有创新性和启发性;从发表刊物来看,论文发表在计算机网络系统领域顶级会议NSDI上,很有说服力。因此推荐。 From the content point of view, this paper propose eventual atomicity to ensure transaction atomicity across zones and propose Chu-ko-nu mining to ensure the effective mining power in each zone to be at the same level of the entire network to reinforce the security,which is very innovative and enlightening. And from the publication of the publication, the paper was published on the NSDI, the top conference in the field of computer network systems, which is very convincing.Therefore I recommended it.
Blockchain Scaling Sharding
A Secure Sharding Protocol For Open Blockchains
The paper proposes a sharding protocol called Elastico. The sharding method scales up throughput near linearly with the computational power. The innovation point is the initially introdution of a secure protocol against byzantine adversaries in blockchain system.
Blockchain Scaling Byzantine Sharding
OmniLedger: A Secure, Scale-Out, Decentralized Ledger via Sharding
The paper presents a novel distributed ledger OmniLedger. Previous distributed ledgers (DLs) are unable to avoid trade-offs between decentralization, scaling and security, i.e. those DLs only hold two out of the three features. So A great innovation of OmniLedger is its assemble all the three features. The structure of the paper is clear. Detailed descriptions of the system design are given. Ideal models and practical experiments show its good performance. Weaknesses and future works are appropriately discussed.
Blockchain Security Scaling Sharding Consensus
Bitcoin-ng: A scalable blockchain protocol
This paper presents a new blockchain protocol that selects a leader in each epoch, and allows the leader to post multiple blocks, which is able to increase the throughput of Bitcoin.In addition,the paper also introduces quantitative metrics that are designed to ground the discussion over parameter selection in Bitcoin-derived currency.
Blockchain Bitcoin Scaling
Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget
The paper introduces Casper, a practical mechanism to help ethereum transfers from PoW to PoS. Security and availability are guaranteed. From ethereum 1.0 to ethereum 2.0.
Scaling Ethereum Casper PoS