EtherShare: Share Information in JointCloud Environment Using Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts
EtherShare是一个分享信息的DApp,永久存储, 开放共享。 EtherShare is a DApp to share information with permanent storage and open access. The contract address is 0xc86bdf9661c62646194ef29b1b8f5fe226e8c97e, 0x475de1f3e1ba5aeefc9fc694852c8fce59b353a1, 0x28daa51dc3d80a951af9c451d174f0c7156c6876, 0x43820f75f021c34ce13ded1595633ed39b79ab47 You can find the state of it on You can review the code and trasactions on EtherShare: EtherShareDonation: EtherShareReward: EtherShareLike: EtherShareQuery: You can review all the source code on
Blockchain Smart Contract Storage DApp Information
Dissecting Ponzi schemes on Ethereum: identification, analysis, and impact
This paper made a deep survey about Ponzi scheme by analyzing contracts' vulnerabilities,Comparing the proportion of in and out transactions of ponzi schme smart contracts, providing early warning for vulnerable users and presenting some common methods to collecting Ponzi schemes.The contributions of this paper give great help for people to master the features of the Ethereum Ponzi schemes.
Smart Contract Ponzi scheme Ethereum
Analyzing Ethereum’s Contract Topology
This article studied the features of Ethereum, a new cryptocurrency and decentralized application platform with the function of smart contracts. This article USES the geth client to document statistics on how contracts are created in Ethereum and how users and contracts interact. It does learning analysis at the bytecode level. and the analysis results include code reuse, clustering statistics and so on, which are of great significance in vulnerability analysis and contract design.
Blockchain Smart Contract Ethereum
A survey of attacks on ethereum smart contracts (sok)
This article is mainly about the vulnerability detection in Ethereum system. This article's analysis includes all of the major vulnerabilities and attacks reported by Ethereum to date, and its taxonomy extends to the domain of smart contracts other classifications of security vulnerabilities of software. In order to deal with frequent security vulnerabilities, it is urgent to strengthen the vulnerability detection method of intelligent contract. This is of great reference value to researchers who want to understand and learn about intelligent contract vulnerability detection technology.
Blockchain Smart Contract Etheruem Security Vulnerability
Towards Analyzing the Complexity Landscape ofSolidity Based Ethereum Smart Contracts
This paper analyzes over 40 thousand Solidity source files, using some well-known OO(object oriented) metrics. The results suggest that smart contract programs are short, neither overly complex nor coupled too much, do not rely heavily on inheritance, and either quite well-commented or not commented at all. Moreover, smart contracts could benefit from an external library and dependency management mechanism, as more than 85% of the defined libraries in Solidity files code the same functionalities.
Blockchain Smart Contract Ethereum
A survey on the security of blockchain systems
Blockchain Security Smart Contract Cryptocurrency