Ethereum Transaction Graph Analysis
This paper introduces a graph model based on Neo4j to analyze the transaction graph and de-anonymize addresses in Ethereum, which finds potential weaknesses of Ethereum. The conclusion of the paper is meaningful for improving the safety of Ethereum.
Clustering Transaction Graph
Do the rich get richer? An empirical analysis of the Bitcoin transaction network
Present econophysics models are usually employed on presumed random networks of interacting agents due to the lack of real data. However, the transparency of the Bitcoin transaction network enables this system to be hugely valuable for econophysicists wishing to evaluate and refine their models. This paper is a first try on real data through introducing the Bitcoin transaction data to further analyze the preferential attachment phenomenon in practice, which has significant potential for future studies.
Bitcoin Transaction Graph
Inferring the interplay between network structure and market effects in Bitcoin
This paper used Principal Component Analysis to extract important features of the time variation of Bitcoin transaction network and investigated the relation between those features and the exchange price of bitcoins. The experiment results showed high correspondence between the first singular vector of the graph of long-term bitcoin users and the market price of bitcoins, which are interesting and important for digital assets value estimation.
Bitcoin Transaction Graph data mining
T-EDGE: Temporal WEighted MultiDiGraph Embedding for Ethereum Transaction Network Analysis
This paper proposed a novel Temporal Weighted Multidigraph (TWMDG) method to perform node embedding on Ethereum transaction network. TWMDG incorporated temporal and weighted information of financial transaction networks into node embeddings and obtain better experimental results against baselines on two tasks: link prediction and node classification. It was the first work to understand Ethereum transaction records via graph embedding.
Transaction Graph Ethereum data mining